TIL GARAGE – Cars Bodywork And Painting

Was your car in an accident and in need of bodywork?

Did you find signs of scratches on your car and need paint repair?

We are here for you!

“Til Garage”, established in 1961, is located in Tel Aviv and is authorized by the ministry of transportation. Our garage has been operating for over 50 years, so you know we know what we're doing!

We make sure each member of our staff is professional, fair and provides reliable service, while saving time and money for our customers.

What services do we provide?

– Bodywork & painting for all types of cars including minivans.

– Oven painting with original PPG colors, based on the car's manufacturing color.

– Chassis repairs.

– Plastic and fiberglass repairs.

– Rust repairs.

– Magnesium-hoops repair and painting.

– Headlights and taillights replacement and repair.

To get a quote and find out more, CALL US: 03-5621388

You should visit us because:

* We take care of picking up your car and having it towed to the shop, as well as providing you with a replacement vehicle from day one – with no charge.

* Trustworthy, professional and courteous service without any compromise!

* We paint with original manufacturing colors using top of the line equipment.

* We have a special arrangement with MIGDAL insurance company.

* Attractive terms available with all other insurance companies – discounted policyholders' participation rates.

To get a quote and find out more, CALL US: 03-5621388

No need to schedule an appointment!

We are here:

21st Soncino street, Tel Aviv (5 minutes from Azrieli towers)

Working hours:

Sunday-Thursday:  7:30 – 16:00

Fridays:  7:30 – 11:00